The Little House
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The Little House

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The Perfect Beef Package for your Family

3 Packs of Ground Beef (1 lb. packs)

2 Packs of Ground Beef Patties (8 total patties - each patty is 1/4 lb.)

2 Chuck Steaks (approximately 3/4 lb. each)

2 Ribeye Steaks (approximately 3/4-1 lb. each)

1 Tri Tip Roast (approximately 2 lbs.) 

1 Pot Roast (approximately 2 lbs.)

1 Beef Brisket (approximately 3 lbs.) 

Substitutions may apply occasionally due to stock levels.  All Substituted items will be of equal or greater value to the original item.
Available for Shipping or Pick-Up at our Store located in Christiansburg Uptown Mall. 
All packages will be shipped on Tuesdays.